Shower Scene
The Proposal Shower
Vital statistics
Participants Margaret Tate, Andrew Paxton
Date Day after Arrival in Sitka
Location Andrew's home in Sitka

The Shower Scene is the scene that takes place approximately at the midpoint of the film, The Proposal. In this scene, the executive editor-in-chief of Colden Books takes a shower and ends up naked in front of her secretary, Andrew Paxton. This scene was very carefully choreographed to ensure that nothing too explicit can be seen, otherwise the film will not be rated PG-13.

Trivia Edit

  • The shower scene reveals the location of Margaret Tate's tattoo.
  • When Margaret Tate was moving away from Andrew Paxton after being caught naked, the clothes Margaret was wearing before her shower could be seen on her luggage.
  • The shower scene marks the first and last nude scene of Sandra Bullock.
  • Sandra Bullock hit the gym to get in shape for the film after she discovered she would have to be naked for the role.
  • Sandra Bullock was over 40 years old when she stripped off for the first time.
  • No stunt double or body prosthetics were used while filming the shower scene.
  • Sandra Bullock feared that her friendship with Ryan Reynolds would be ruined after filming the scene.
  • The shower scene took 3 days to shoot.
  • The shower scene had to be carefully choreographed because anything too explicit cannot be shown as the film had to be rated PG-13.

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